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115KV Transmission Line Stringing Equipments 4 ton hydraulic puller SA-YQ40

Item No.: 07011
4 Ton Hydraulic Puller is used for pulling single conductor or OPGW cable on 115KV -132 KV overhead power line.
Max. Pulling speed: 5 km/hour
Max. Pulling force: 40 KN
Diameter of bull wheels: 400 mm
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4 Ton Hydraulic Puller is used for pulling single conductor or OPGW cable on 115KV - 138KV overhead power line. We have exported more than 50 sets to abroad market in last 5 years.

1. SA-YQ40 Hydraulic Puller
Item No. 07011
Model SA-YQ40
Stringing capacity 1 PILOT WIRE ROPE
Max. Pulling Force (KN) 40
Continuous Max. Pulling Force (KN) 35
Speed at Max. continuous pull: 2.5km/h
Max. Pulling Speed (m/min) 5km/h
Root Diameter of Bull wheel (mm) Φ400
Number of grooves 7
Max. Steel rope Diameter (mm) Φ16
Model of Diesel Engine Water cooled diesel engine
Power of Diesel Engine 60 KW
Rotate Speed of Engine (rpm) 2000
Electrical System DC24V
Weight (kg) 2500
Dimension (m) 3.5 x 2.0 x 2.3
Application: The hydraulic puller is used to pull pilot wire rope for overhead transmission line. It is equipped with hydraulic system, and can be easily used and maintained
-With closed hydraulic circuit and variable displacement plunger pump, the pulling force could be step less controlled.
-The max pulling force for stringing operation can be preset.
-Automatic over pulling protection system
-With the radiator imported from Germany, the machine has good heat dissipate performance.
-With a negative spring applied hydraulic released brake, and automatic overload protection.
-With hydraulic oil cooling system.
-Heat treated wear-proof bullwheels
-With rigid axle for towing at high speed, the machine looks beautiful.
-Integral self-loading reel winder with automatic level wind.
-Heavy duty R-tires with excellent shock-absorbing performance.
Main Components:
-Engine: Cummins water-cooled diesel engine (China)
-Main variable displacement hydraulic pump and main motor: Rexroth (Germany)
-Reducer: R.R. (Italian)
-Hydraulic instruments: WIKA (German)
-Radiator: AKG (German)
- The hydraulic reel winder is equipped with 1400mm diameter steel drum (GSP1400)