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20 Ton hydraulic conductor Tensioner SA-YZ4X50

Item No.: 07208
Max. Tension Force: 4X50 or 2X100 KN
Tension Stringing speed: 5 km/h
Max. pulling Force: 4X50 or 2X100 KN
Supply Ability:
2 sets per Month
Port: Ningbo, China
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Four bundled Conductor Hydraulic Tensioner SA-YZ4X50
The equipment is used for stringing 4 bundled conductors in overhead transmission line 400KV, 500 KV, 750KV, 800kV.
The bull wheels for each conductor of four can be controlled independently. It is usefull for mountain area to adjust the speed and tension force of each conductor when pass through angle tower or big sag tower.

Hydraulic Tensioner 20 Ton capacity
Item No. 07208
Model SA-YZ4X50
Max. Tension Force (KN) 4X50 or 2 X 100
Continuous Tension Force (KN) 4X45 or 2X 90
Max. Line Speed(km/h) 5
Max. Pulling back force (KN) 4X45 or 2 X 90
Max. Pulling back speed (km/h) 4 x 1.2
Diameter of Bullwheel (mm) Φ1600
Number of grooves 4 X 5
Max. Conductor Diameter (mm) Φ40
Model of Engine Water cooled Cummins
Power of Engine 82 KW
Rotate Speed of Engine (rpm) 2500
Electrical system: DC24V
Weight (kg) 11500
Dimension (m) 4.80 x 2.35 x 2.80
Application: The machine is used for stringing four or two bundled conductors or steel ropes.
  • Closed hydraulic circuit, infinitely variable pull / tension force control in both directions.
  • The max. tension / pull back force for conductor stringing operation can be preset, the tension /pull back force can be read from the tension gauge of machine.
  • Spring applied hydraulic released brake acts automatically in case of hydraulic failure to ensure line safety
  • Automatic overpull protection system.
  • Hydraulic oil cooling system. Hydraulic front jack.
  • Bull wheels lined with wear proof MC nylon lining segment.
  • Optional 4 hydraulic power outlets to control 4 sets of hydraulic reel stands.
  • Mounted on trailer with rigid axle for towing at max. speed of 15 km / h.
Main components:
  • Engine: Cummins water cooled engine (USA)
  • Main variable displacement pump and main motor: Rexroth (German)
  • Reducer: R.R. (Italian)
  • Main hydraulic valves: Rexroth (German)
  • Hydraulic Instrument: WIKA (German)
  • Radiator: AKG (German)
  • Quick couplings: EMB (German)

Hydraulic Tensioner SA-YZ4X50 working on site