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About Us

NINGBO HUAXIANG DONGFANG MACHINERY AND TOOLS OF POWER CO., LTD. is the leading manufacture to design, manufacture and supply stringing equipment & tools for construction of overhead transmission line and power cables. (Ningbo Dongfang Machinery of Power Co. Ltd. was founded in 1988, and jointed Ningbo HuaXiang Group in 2014, and was renamed as Ningbo Huaxiang Dongfang Machinery of Power Co., Ltd.). Ningbo Huaxiang Dongfang has become a country leader and biggest manufacture in Asian area for overhead transmission line stringing equipment and accessory tools, cable installation equipment and tools.
NINGBO HUAXIANG DONGFANG MACHINERY AND TOOLS OF POWER CO., LTD is located in the Habour Industry Zone of Ningbo, China. Ningbo city is a prosperous costal city with a large good sea port. The city has become a modern city with good traffic and communication facilities. Our new factory has more than 50,000 square meters area and 40,000 square meters building area,which include one of two floors of official building and four of workshop building.
Our production facility comprise of 251 sets of production equipments such as CNC machine center, Automatic welding robot, automatic cutting machine, 1.6 meter Vertical Lathe, 1.4 meter horizontal Lathe, Paint Spray House, Anti twisting steel wire rope braiding Machine, Nylon sheave Casting Machine, etc.
Our testing facility comprise of 26 sets of testing equipments such as 600 KN Vertical Tensile Machine, 600 KN Horizontal Tensile Machine, 1000 KN Horizontal Tensile Machine, 35MPA Hydraulic Testing Machine, 4000 Square meter Stringing Equipment Testing Site etc. We are able to test the biggest hydraulic puller u
p to 420 KN pulling force, and Hydraulic tensioner 4X50 KN hydraulic tensioner. We are able to test and inpect sets of equipments and tools for overhead transmission line up to 1100 KV according to National Power Company's requirement.
Currently, the company has over 300 experienced people, most of them have been working for the company more than 10 years. We have one well known stringing equipment expert from National Power Company, 8 senior engineers, 27 engineers, 37 assistant engineers and 17 senior technicians.
NINGBO HUAXIANG DONGFANG MACHINERY is the first ISO9001-2000 certified company in our line since 1998, and got manufacture license of Special Equipment for biggest stringing equipment production from CCIQ. NINGBO HUAXIANG DONGFANG MACHINERY OF POWER CO., LTD always provides best quality products and service to our clients.
NINGBO HUAXIANG DONGFANG MACHINERY  is the complete manufacture of products for overhead transmission line construction, cable installation and line maintenance. Our products comprise of hydraulic pullers, hydraulic tensioners, engine powered winches, stringing blocks, tackle blocks, cable pulling grips, come along clamps, connectors, anti twisting braided steel wire ropes, gin poles, hoists, cutters, hydraulic presses, cable installation equipment and tools, and all kinds of accessories etc. We can also produce products according to customer's detailed requirement or provide turn key solutions.
NINGBO HUAXIANG DONGFANG MACHINERY  have a national wide marketing team who will always keep good business relationship with all leading power and telecom construction companies around China. Meanwhile we are selling our products to more than 40 countries all over the world, and obtained great reputation from local market.