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About Us
Ningbo Huaxiang Dongfang Machinery and Tools of Power Co. Ltd. is the leading and best manufacture of transmission line stringing equipment and tools in China. Our company is located in Harbour industrial zone, Xiangshan, Ningbo, China.

Transmission Line Stringing Equipment Workshop

The company has over 120 experienced people, most of them have been working for the company more than 10 years. We have one well known stringing equipment expert from National Power Company, 2 senior engineers, 10 engineers, 8 assistant engineers and 17 senior technicians.

Our production facility comprise of 169 sets of production equipments such as Machine Center, CNC machines, 1.6 meter Vertical Lathe, 1.4 meter horizontal Lathe, Paint Spray House, Anti twisting steel wire rope braiding Machine, Nylon sheave Casting Machine, etc.

Machine Workshop Machining centers for processing parts of puller, tensioner, winches.
CNC machines

Machines for processing bullwheels of tensioner

Nylon sheave casting workshop

Workshop for assembly of stringing blocks and tools

Anti twisting braided steel wire rope workshop

Load test Horizontal tensile machine

Load Test Vertical Tensile Machine

Transmission Line Stringing Equipment Test Site

Transmission Line Stringing Tools Warehouse