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Four conductors stringing blocks are exported to South American country

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Update time : 2020-04-16 14:30:00
We exported two 40' of containers of 4 conductors stringing blocks and tools for 500KV transmission line stringing. Our products are highly praised by our customers. This is the third big order in last three years.

High quality conductor stringing blocks with grounding rollers

5 Sheaves Stringing Blocks for four bundled conductors
Item No. Model Working Load (KN) Conductor Range (mm) Material of sheave Weight (kg)
10128 SHWQN660 60 ≤30 mm All Nylon 110
Application: It is used for four bundled conductors stringing. Sheave size: Ø660 X Ø560 X 100
All the conductor sheaves  are made of high strength nylon, the central sheave is specially designed with high strength, it is good for passing both of pilot steel wire rope and conductors. 
All the sheaves are mounted on high strength heavy duty ball bearings.
The frame of stringing blocks is made of galvanized steel. Breaking Load: 3 Times of working load.
Option: The central sheave can be changed to steel sheave.