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HV transmission line stringing equipment and tools exported

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Author : NBDF
Update time : 2024-02-28 15:34:15
We delivered big quantity of HV transmission line stringing equipment and tools in last 2 months, total 15 of 40' containers of products are delivered to our customers in Asia, Europe and South America. Our regular customers give us strong support of orders in this year. These projects indicates that the economy is recovering.

African customers are also ordering products from us, 2 of 18 ton hydraulic pullers are orders for 500KV transmission line.

We are the leading and biggest manufacture for overhead transmission line stringing equipment and tools in Asia area. Our products include hydraulic puller and tensioner, motorised winches, hydraulic compressors, stringing blocks, come along clamps, anti twisting steel wire rope are very famous in the market since 1990. We exported our products to more than 50 countries in the world in last 20 years.

More than 70% of customers are our regular customers, they are leading engineering companies of transmission line construction in the world.We provide very good quality and competitive price of products, also our best service.

Customers are very satisfied our products, the order is always bigger than before.

We exported a lot of our products to Europe countries in the last year, most of orders are from our regular customers.

Most of leading engineering companies know the good quality of our products, we always cooperate well and keep good relationship in the big project.

We are also developing market in USA and Australia, more and more customers are confirming the orders to us.

We will keep providing our products with good quality, competitive price and best service.