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Conductor Pulleys Blocks exported for stringing overhead transmission lines

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Author : mz
Update time : 2020-03-28 14:57:23
We are the biggest and leading manufacture of stringing blocks in China. Our conductor pulleys blocks are exported to more than 50 countries with good quality and competitive price. The conductor sheaves are made in aluminum alloy lined with neoprene or MC nylon. We produce single sheave, three sheaves, five sheaves and seven sheaves roller for foreign customers. We also make special helicopter stringing blocks for customer from USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, India etc.

Single nylon sheave stringing blocks with special head fittings.

Three aluminum sheaves helicopter stringing blocks

Five aluminum sheaves Conductor pulleys with Grounding rollers

Seven sheaves conductor pulleys for stringing six conductors on 500KV transmission line