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Transmission Line Stringing Tools Come Along Clamps SKL-50A

Item No.: 13225
Come Along Clamps are specially used for adjusting the sag of conductors in overhead transmission line, to temporarily hold conductors during conductor stringing operation.
Aluminum Alloy Conductor COME ALONG CLAMPS
Item No. Model Rated Load (KN) Conductor Diameter (mm) Max. Opening (mm) Weight (kg)
13221 SKL-7 7 ACSR7-12 14 1.0
13222 SKL-15 15 ACSR13-16 18 1.4
13223 SKL-25 25 ACSR17-23 24 3.0
13224 SKL-40 40 ACSR23-29 32 4.4
13225 SKL-50 50 ACSR30-35 36 6.6
13227 SKL-60 60 ACSR36-38 40 9.2
13228 SKL-70 70 ACSR38-40 42 14
13229 SKL-80 80 ACSR40-42 45 18
13229A SKL-80A 90 ACSR42-45 48 20
Application: Used to pull conductors in power and communication line construction field, and to maintain temporary tension until it can be permanently terminated.
Feature: The come along clamp are forged from high strength aluminum alloy, light weight and high strength. All the jaws of clamps are specially designed for ACSR conductors. Special size jaws can be ordered as per the customer’s requirement.

We have exported our clamps to more than 50 countries in the world. We can provide special clamps as per customer's requirement of different size.

Alloy Steel Automatic Come Along Clamp for conductors
Item No. Model Work Load (KN) Breaking Load (KN) Size Data (mm) Inter - changeable Jaw Conductor Size Range (mm) Weight (kg)
13246A SK-60 60 180 A 115 conductor diameter 23-35 mm 23-26 19
B 340 26-29
C 590 29-32
D 23-35 32-35
Application: It is used to hold aluminum conductor in overhead transmission line stringing operation. and to maintain temporary tension until it can be permanently terminated.
Feature: The whole body  is made of High strength Alloy Steel with special jaw length of 270mm, equipped with difference size of interchangeable aluminum jaws, light weight and good for protecting the surface of conductors.