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Underground Cable Installation Equipment Electric Cable Pusher

Item No.: 21106
Electric Cable Pusher is used for installaton of big underground power cable in the trench or underground tunnel. The cable pushers are connected together for pushing cable forward in the tunnel. This method can install the big power cable quickly.
Item No. Model Motor Power (KW) Cable Size (mm) Pulling force (KN) / speed (m/min) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
21103B DLSSJ5B 2 X 0.55 Φ40150 5 / 6.5 900x617x452 190
21106 DLSSJ8A 2 X 0.75 Φ50200 8 / 6.5 1000x657x464 220
Application: The electric motor driven units are used for installation of power or telecom cables. The flank caterpillars drive the cables forwards, which eliminates damage of insulation.  
The caterpillars of products are at the central horizontal position. 
Applicable voltage: 380V AC
Features: 1. Electric Driven by two axles, the driven is even and low noise.
        2. The caterpillar is made in high strength neoprene, it cap protect the insulation of cable
well, and can be used for long time.
        3. The height roller can be adjustable for easy operation of machine.
        4. Each set of Cable Pusher include one subsidiary control box. If customer order more
          than 6 set of cable pusher, we will provide one Main Control Box free of charge.