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Helicopter Stringing Blocks are exported to Europe country

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Update time : 2018-12-26 20:57:00

Helicopter stringing blocks are conductor stringing blocks or OPGW stringing blocks equipped with special structure and fly bars for helicopter stringing operation. We exported helicopter stringing blocks from 2007, and have exported our products to most of high level developed countries: USA, Canada, Australia, German, France, Sweden, Norway etc. We also exported them to some countries for their special work in mountain area or forest area: India, UAE, Brazil etc.

We produce different helicopter stringing blocks according to customer's requirement.
Single helicopter stringing blocks for single conductor or OPGW stringing

Three sheaves helicopter stringing blocks are used for two or three bundled conductors stringing

Five sheaves Stringing blocks are used for 4 bundled conductors stringing on 400-500KV transmission line