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Overhead Tension Stringing Equipment for pulling 4 conductors on 500KV transmission line

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Update time : 2018-10-12 21:17:00
This project is stringing four ACSR 630/45 conductors with diameter 33.6mm on 500KV transmission line. There are some angle towers (tension towers) in this project. Customer used whole set of equipments and tools for stringing, which include 30 ton hydraulic puller SA-YQ300, two of 8 ton hydraulic tensioner SA-YZ2X40, 9 ton hydraulic puller SA-YQ90D, 7 ton hydraulic tensioner SA-YZ2X35, 5 sheaves conductor pulleys SHWQN822, 24mm anti twisting steel wire rope, come along clamps SKL-50B, motorised hydraulic compressor QY-200, motorised winch JJQ-50B, hydraulic reel elevator 7 ton SIPZ-7H, etc.
Big 30 ton hydraulic puller SA-YQ300, can be also used for pullings 4 conductors on 1000KV transmission line.

Two of Hydraulic tensioner SA-YZ2X40B for four conductors stringing

5 sheaves 822mm Stringing Blocks SHWQN822 for 4 conductors diameter 33.6mm.

Hydraulic Puller SA-YQ90D and Hydraulic reel elevator