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Two conductors Stringing Equipment are exported to customer in Asia

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Update time : 2018-07-19 15:12:00

We have exported three sets of 2 conductors stringing equipment to same customer in last 5 years. These tension Stringing Equipment are used for 2 conductors stringing on overhead transmission line 220KV - 275KV, include 9 ton hydraulic puller SA-YQ90D and 8 ton hydraulic tensioner SA-YZ2X40B.
9 Ton hydraulic puller SA-YQ90D

8 ton ( 2X40KN) Hydraulic Tensioner for two conductors SA-YZ2X40B

Whole set of transmission line stringing tools include hydraulic reel elevators, motorised hydraulic compressors, OPGW stringing blocks, conductor pulleys, come along clamps, anti twisting steel wire ropes, running boards, swivel joints, fixed joints, ratchet chain hoists, tirfors,
Hydraulic reel stands with hydraulic motor 7 ton SIPZ-7H

Hydraulic compressor 125 ton with 2 fast speed motorised hydraulic pump YBG-94WQ

Ratchet Chain Hoise and accessory tools

OPGW stringing blocks

Two conductors Pulleys, can be also used as three conductors pulleys

Anti twisting Braided Steel Wire rope and high strength fiber pullng rope