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Conductor Stringing Blocks 9 sheaves Pulleys Blocks SHJ822

Item No.: 10148
Stringing Blocks for overhead transmission line eight conductors stringing. Central steel sheave, conductor sheaves made in aluminum alloy or MC nylon.
Work Load: 150 KN
Diameter of sheave: 822mm
Width of sheave: 110 mm
Supply Ability: 1000 Set/Sets p
7 Sheaves Stringing Blocks for six bundled conductors
Item No. Model Working Load (KN) Conductor Range (mm) Material of sheave Weight (kg)
10146 SHQ822 120 ≤36 mm Steel and Nylon 280
Application: It is used for six bundled conductors stringing. All the conductor sheaves  are made of high strength nylon, the central sheave is made in steel, specially designed with high strength, it is good for passing both of pilot steel wire rope and conductors. All the sheaves are mounted on high strength heavy duty ball bearings. The frame of rollers is made of galvanized steel.

Head (Running) Board for six bundled conductors
Item No. Model Working Load (KN) Pulley Size (mm) Conductor Condition Weight (kg)
17241A SZ6A-18 180 Width 110 6 bundled conductors 140
Application: The Head board is used for pulling 6 bundled conductors.  The length of connection rope is 30 meters, going through two steel pulley, for balancing the speed difference in the four conductors.